Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Zotero - a great tool for research!

     I attended a training about Zotero. Zotero is a free and easy to use research tool. It helps you  collect, organize, store, and cite research articles and sources. It is extremely easy to grab materials and put them into your Zotero library. Zotero also helps you  to create a bibliography! It is a Mozilla Firefox plug in add on tool. You are able to install it on your computer or multiple computers for online access or articles. 
     This blog post will describe how to download and use Zotero, how to add items to your Zotero library, how to create a bibliography from Zotero, and some classroom applications for Zotero.

How to download and utilize Zotero:
  1. Open Firefox
  2. Go to Zotero -
  3. Download Now button
  4. Zotero for Firefox download
  5. Restart Firefox
  6. Create an account for Zotero
  7. Then check your email for validation link
  8. Click on validation link in your email
  9. Log in to your Zotero account
  10. You can sync Zotero from multiple computers by having an account, use green circular arrow (upper right hand corner)
  11. You will see Zotero app on the bottom of your web browser screen, if you click on the word Zotero it will open the Zotero app. 
  12. Click on the Zotero app
  13. You will see a place to add new folders into your collection - folder with a green plus sign you can add folders for classes, projects, etc.
  14. Once you have items in your library, you can easily search for sources by typing in author name or title on the search pane of the Zotero application.
How to add items to Zotero
    1. Click new item - green plus sign - add information manually into Zotero - choose what type of resource it is (book, article, etc.) then enter the information in the fields
    2. Also able to add items right from Amazon! 
    3. Also able to add items from Google scholar - simply click on the icon that appears at the top of your screen (folder) and click on the items you want to add to Zotero
    4. When your zotero app is open - click on the magic wand icon and it can add items in that way as well
    5. When on a web page, open Zotero app, and click on blank page with plus sign (create new item from current page) it will take your page and put it in your library
    6. Also upload PDF from computer by clicking on paperclip in the Zotero app
How to import information into bibliography
  • Highlight an item in your Zotero library
  • Right click on the item
  • Click create bibliography from selected items
  • Choose citation style
  • Choose how you want the file to be saved
    • I recommend clicking copy to clipboard then just paste into a word document
  • Even able to add in cite citations, right into your word document! 
Classroom Applications for Zotero:
  • Use for a high school research class
  • Organize resources, tools, sites, for a research project
  • Great for citing sources - also has a plug in for WORD!
  • Able to share folders/resources with colleagues, classmates, or students
Please use this great tool, and happy researching!

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