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Thursday, April 17, 2014

App review: Scrawlar

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share my thoughts on app I found out about via twitter. It is called Scrawlar. Scrawlar brings together a collaborative doc, drawing, and backchat into one easy to use app that you can use on your tablet, phone, or laptop.

What is Scrawler?

  • Scrawlar is a web 2.0 tool that combines an interactive whiteboard, collaborative document, and chat feature into one user friendly classroom tool. 

How to set up Scrawlar:
Once you are logged in you will be directed to a work space where you can create a collaborative document, a sketch, and back chat (class feed). You can create new docs to share with students or check what has been shared with you.

Manage students in Scrawlar
  • To create student accounts for your class select manage students
  • Complete the information required for each student
  • When an account is created a password will be identified for each student
  • Students can login to Scrawler and find docs that have created and that have been shared with them
Sharing docs or sketches in Scrawlar
  • Create a document you would like to share
  • When document is complete click the share button (on your workspace, it is a green button on the right hand side)
  • Select which users you would like to share your document with 
  • Can select if the user can view or edit the doc
  • Click update
Shared docs
  • To view docs or sketches that have been shared with you select Shared with me
  • You will find all docs or sketches shared with you here 
  • You will also see the permissions a user has set for you (view, edit) 
Class feed
  • The class feed feature is like a back chat
  • Users can type whats on their mind here
  • Responses will be displayed (most recent first)

How to use Scrawlar in your classroom:
  • Collaboration between students
  • Write and revise drafts of work 
  • Group work 
  • Use as alternative to Google docs
  • Annotation on a drawing between several students  
  • Back chat

Hop on down the bunny trail!

 Good morning everyone,

'Hunter wants to be the Next Cadbury Bunny' photo (c) 2011, fauxto_digit - license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/

"Hippity hoppity Easter is on it's way!" Below are some interactive Easter activities for you to do in your classroom on a computer or interactive whiteboard. Some of my favorites include:

But to find more Easter games for your little bunnies click here to be linked to my Wednesdays with Sam page! 
Have a "hoppy" Easter!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day

Good morning,

Today is  world autism awareness day! Autism is a spectrum disorder that affects an individual's brain. It varies in severity depending upon the individual. This continuum includes disorders from ‘low functioning’ to ‘high functioning':  

• Autistic disorder
• Rett syndrome (more common in girls than boys)
• Childhood dis-integrative disorder
• Pervasive developmental disorder –not otherwise specified (pdd-nos)
• Asperger syndrome

According to the CDC autism affects 1 in 68 children, and is more prevalent in boys than girls.  In fact, according to the autism speaks website, autism affects more than two million individuals in the us alone.  To learn more about autism click here.  Some common behaviors of autism spectrum disorder include:  

• Difficulty with speech and communication skills
• Repetitive behaviors
• Intellectual disabilities
• Motor skill disorders
• Health issues (sleep and gastrointestinal)
• Attention disorders

Resources for students with Autism