Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Five Fabulous new blogs to follow

I searched around and found five fabulous blogs to add to my reader! I hope you find them interesting, informative, and fun to follow. 

  1. - This blog is all about teaching and technology. It also has a page that lists discounts for educators! 
  2. - Is geared towards ESL learners, literacy, and math skills. 
  3. - Just as it says lists and details strategies to differentiate instruction in the kindergarten classrooms
  4. - A great blog about math skills
  5. - All about music and creativity in the classroom.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cool tool - ABC .. Oh yeah!

I have been using this website for years and I have watched it develop into what it is today. The website is YA hosts many free educational websites, games, apps, and resources for parents, teachers, and students. This is a great go to site to find that special game or app you have been looking for! The website is divided into grade level and has a parent/teacher space. 

In the parent/teacher space the creators detail the requirements to use the website successfully and also provides a short history about ABC YA. This website can run on several different web browsers - which makes it easy to use at home and in school!  You are able to click on any grade level shown (K-5). Once you click on your desired grade level you will find activities separated by content  (letters, literacy, numeracy, math, holiday). This website is very easy to navigate and is consistent in navigation procedures. It also provides text and picture supports to help students navigate. 

If apps is what you are looking for just click on the educational apps section. You will find the apps are divided into content by grade level as well - what a great resource.  I highly recommend this website for any teacher, parent, or student looking for that unique and fun website activity or app! Have fun exploring! 

What do you love about ABCYA? Share on the comments section!

Eric Carle's b-day!

Eric Carle's birthday is today, June 25! Here are some excellent Eric Carle resources and sites! Check them out to celebrate this great writer's birthday

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Audio book appreciation month

One of this  month's observances in audio book appreciation month. I would like to take this time to post all the resources that I have about all audio books. So sit back, relax and peruse some of these awesome audio book sites. 

Sam's Super Diigo Finds! 06/14/2012

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Phenomenal father's day activities

Below are some fun father's day activities do with your family this weekend! More fun father's day activities can be found here.

Father's day pages - Interactive fathers day coloring pages

Match dad's ties - Click on the buttons to reveal the pictures. Match all of the pictures to win. 

Father's day puzzle - Unscramble the pieces to make a picture. Click on the puzzle piece that you want to move. Hold your mouse button down, and move the puzzle piece to where you think it should go.

very cool e-card maker for the official Phineas and Ferb website for Father’s Day, called the “Dad-inator.” Not only can you pick which character(s) you want to use, but you can also to some extent customize the animated card by placing related objects in the scene. Found on geek dad blog

Gone fishin' - 
Click on the maze with your mouse to start the game. Use the arrow keys to move through the maze and get to the end. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Fantastic flag day activities

Below are some fantastic flag day activities to do with your kids!

'Icing ignores his country's flag' photo (c) 2009, abbamouse - license:

  • Flag day webquest - What does our flag mean to you? How do you feel when you see our American flag displayed? 

More fantastic flag day resources can be found on Wednesdays with Sam - Flag day

Sam's Super Diigo Finds! 06/11/2012

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer sites

Below are six super summer sites to use with your kids during the long break

What are your summer site staples? Add them the comments sections and lets see how long our list can get! 

'Summer' photo (c) 2005, guldfisken - license:

Sam's Super Diigo Finds! 06/05/2012

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