Thursday, October 13, 2011

Web 2.0 Technologies for Classroom Use.

This morning I attended a webinar through PSU entitled Topics for Teaching: Web 2.0 Technologies for Classroom Use. This webinar was about how how various Web 2.0 tools and can be used to deliver instructional content. Web 2.0 tools are efficient and effective tools for sharing information in a collaborative and fun way! 

This presentation was given by Mark Thomas Meckel of Penn State. The notes taken below were written in  a collaboration doc by  a colleague, Monique MacAllan and I.Welcome in to the wonderful world of Web 2.0 . 

There are several groups of Web 2.0 tools - communication, storage, productivity, management, socialization, and aggregation. Each group has an array of tools and resources to use within each group. There are several levels of cloud applications. to keep in mind when utilizing web 2.0 tools:
  • Level 0 app: Doesn’t work in the cloud at all
  • Level 1 app: Limited functionality
  • Level 2 app: Moderately functional
  • Level 3 app: Fully functional in the cloud
  • Skydrive-MS tool that stores things in the cloud.

  • Advantages/Disadvantages
    • Formative Evaluation-where we make changes along the way
    • Diminish amount of face-to-face contact
    • Customizable
    • Easy to set up and utilize in and out of a classroom
  1. Instant Messenger Clients - AOL, Yahoo messenger, MSN, Meebo (aggregator of IM clients)
Can be more direct and relevant
Feedback which is immediate
Examples of use
    Monitor discussions
    Ask and answer questions
    Post additional information

2. Back channel such as Todaysmeet  for synchronous (same time) and asynchronous (later time)  discussions

3. Start pages - page flakes, igoogle, yahoo, netvibes
Easy to set up
Focus on what you find interesting

4. Blogs  - Blogger, Word Press, Live Journal
multiple media imports (video, audio, links, ...not just text!)
easy to make
Examples of use:
    Live journals of daily life or class
    Classroom discussion
    Read/review/discuss topics
    Group journals-let teams develop their own journal
    Feedback on assignments
    Document research articles or summarize articles in a blog

5. Other communication tools
    • hybrid tools - mash up of blog and IM feaures (Yammer)
    • Audio  - podcasts
    • Video - Jing, Captivate, Camstudio, Presenter, Skype, Youtube
    • Photo Editing- Picnkik, Flickr, Picassa
Examples of use:
Skype for use in Student Teaching
Searching for images in Flickr for classes
Share images with class that are relevant

  • On-line Storage
  • Wiki’s
  • Project Management Tools: Basecamp, Google docs
  • Zoho, BPWorks,
  • Hybrid Web Tool: Drop Box
  • On-line office suites

  • Presentation
  • Collaboration
  • Informatin
  • Question
  • Survey
Examples - 280 slides(create slides of upload a ppt), prezi,slide rocket (access to presentations off the web), wolfram alpha (computational aggregate), Harvard question tool, doodle

  • Project management
  • file storage
  • calendars
Examples - basecamp,, 30 boxes

  • Blogs
  • instant messenger clients
  • communities of practice
Examples: facebook, Ning, blogs, Twitter, Link’dn, Twitter, Yammer

  • RSS Feeds and readers
  • Information Collectors
  • IM/Chat Aggregation
Examples: Diigo, Delicous, RSS Feeds, Livebinders

Recommended Resources for more info about Web 2.0 tools:

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