Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy and Haunting Halloween activities

     Looking for some happy and haunting halloween activities to do with your students?  

     One of my favorite activities to do with my students was  jibjab. Jibjab has great halloween videos that your students can star in! I used this Math, I had student count money to watch the movie. They had to count out money to get their picture taken, to get their picture in the video, to buy a ticket to watch the video, popcorn, juice. Students really enjoyed watching themselves do silly dances, but they really enjoyed putting their teachers or principal in the video. 

     Here is a list of some great ghoulish games:
'Pumpkin Lovin Kitties 626' photo (c) 2009, Alisha Vargas - license:

Halloween safety - Play this halloween safety game, first go over the rules then play the game.

18 educational apps - Here is a great list of apps that are educational and have a halloween theme!

Frankenpup - cute text to speech tool just in time for the halloween season

Be witching cat cute text to speech tool just in time for the halloween season

Halloween hide and seek - Halloween hide and seek Disney game 

Things that go bump in the night - Interactive halloween e-card watch it turn from day to night. Great for cause and effect on the Interactive whiteboard

Ben & Jerry’s Pumpkin Patch! Touch the things in the pumpkin patch and watch them do, well, something! 

Halloween card maker - Choose the hallloween theme and make a great card to print and share. Great activity to do with switches.

Pumpkin puzzle - Interactive pumpkin puzzle

Cyberhaunt’s Virtual Pumpkin Carving Use a cute pumpkin pattern and carve your pumpkin's face. 

Pick a Pumpkin to Carve Carve a pumpkin with a click and drag type feature.


Happy Halloween!

For more bewitching games with a spooky Halloween theme please visit Wednesday's with Sam

Perfect Pumpkin games click here 

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