Friday, October 14, 2011

Google Apps for the classroom

    This morning I attended a webinar about Google apps in the classroom. This webinar was presented by Alan Klein from Penn State. This webinar was all about how to use different Google apps in the classroom. There are many different Google apps to utilize, Google Apps are a collection of web-based programs. The first step in using Google apps is to have a Google account.  If you don't have one it is very easy to set up. 
'Google Logo in Building43' photo (c) 2010, Robert Scoble - license:
After you have an account you have access to many, many cool apps from Google such as: 
  • Docs – just like Microsoft office includes docs, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, and drawings.
  • Gmail – email
  • Calendar – online calendar where you can mark events and make plans, also able to share your calendar. You can even have appointment slots!
  • Groups -  Create discussion groups that supports threaded discussions. Great way to keep in contact with colleagues, students, and more! 
  • Sites – web site creator, I created by Wednesdays with Sam site with google sites - very easy to do!
 Google Apps Classroom Applications:
  •     Docs 
    •     Easily share documents with students
    •     Have students write notes using Google Docs to share with each other in and out of class
    •     Forms - create a fun and interactive test or quiz with mulitiple choice, true/false, check list questions
    •      Drawing - create a collaborative drawing or concept map in groups
  •     Email
    •     Keep in contact with parents and students 
  •     Calendar
    •     Share a class calendar with parents to highlight events in school or parent/teacher conferences
  •    Sites
    •     Create a class site to show what is going on in the classroom
    •     The site can house all websites and resources used during class 
    •     Wednesdays with Sam example
Advantages for Google Apps:
  •     Any time and any where access to your materials and resources 
  •      Convenient 
  •     Save time, energy, frustration, and money!
  •     Storage
  •     Familiar and consistent interface
Disadvantage for using Google Apps:
  •     If you dont have access to the net  - no access to your materials and resources
  •     Materials and resources are stored on a 3rd party server
  •     Security

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