Friday, October 7, 2011

2010 Virtual AD/HD Conference Keynote Session Notes

This morning I listened to the 2010 Virtual ADHD Conference webinar. I listened to the keynote session was given by Patricia Quinn, MD, and was entitled Changing Your Perspective for Success with AD/HD. To view or listen to this webinar please visit Adhd Conference and sign up for their email subscription. My notes from this session are as follows: 
  •  This session was geared towards adults, both men, women, and children diagnosed with ADHD.
  • ADHD has been studied throughout childhood.
  •  We all know the impacts if ADHD is not treated, it can impact:
    • Family
    • Employment
    • School
    • Society as a whole
    • Emotional disorders
    • Health care system
  • There are many positives associated with ADHD - we haven't really looked for this though in research.
  •   Studies have shown that, many women who are diagnosed with ADHD  later in life, develop a learned helplessness.
  • Need to change perspective for succcess
    • Greater acceptance of who we are
    • Acceptance of ADHD
    • Perceive things as they actually are in life - without a bias lens - how does it compare in importance of life as a whole?
    • Learn to manage both the ups and downs of ADHD

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