Thursday, November 17, 2011

TRETC conference part 3

The second session I attended was about learning portals. Learning portals are a great way to extend learning outside the walls of the classroom.

Walls come tumbling down
    • What are learning portals?
    • real time learning
    • diverse learning
    • 24/7
    • provides more resources
    • discussion boards
    • polls
    • reminders/calendars
    • contact
    • enrichment and review
    • links and resources
    • videos / podcasts
    • class notes
  • paradigm shift in instructional design
  • we need to change the way we think to present information differently
  • We don’t need to know how to code or know how to create websites to create a learning portal
  • A learning portal is never finished it is fluid and grows
  • this is a blended approach used for supplementation
  • digital divide is shifting from have and have not to know how and  not know how to

Things to put on your webpage
  • animoto
  • crocdoc
  • slideshare
  • coveritlive
  • screecast
  • edistorm
  • quizlet
  • glogster
  • khanacademy

  • edistorm - similar to wallwisher free post it not bulletin board, able to vote on ideas!
  • - free online management of instruction, tools, assessment

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