Thursday, November 17, 2011

TRETC conference part 1

Good morning. I thought I would take some time to discuss the TRETC conference that I attended yesterday with a colleague of mine. Here are some notes from the keynote speaker panel.
  • Gregg Behr - keynote speaker along with panelist
    • great time to be a kid to learn about informal learning - anytime, anywhere learning
    • kids today are learning anytime and anyplace
    • Neil
      • students can create sites, videos, blogs, podcast, etc as independent study or differentiated instruction assignments
    • Traci Blazosky
      • give students choices regarding assignments (tic tac toe board)
      • go on virtual field trips with your class by using google earth
      • combination with Web 2.0 tools such as Glogster, blabberize
      • technology evens the playing field for projects and assignments.
    • Dr. Wilder
      • find your element
      • ask students
      • let students find their dreams
    • Karen Cater
      • education is a matter of national security and economic development
      • challenge students get them fully engaged
      • shift to digital learning environment from paper based
      • learn from people, books, and interfaces
      • accessibility is vital
      • text to speech, video calls online
      • assistive tech and accessible options are made for individuals with disabilities, but are used everyday by others
      • opportunity to learn and engage at this time are strong
    • Badges or achievements in formal education
      • informal learning spaces
      • badges for mastery of topics learned
      • move to competency based system

Resources from the keynote:

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