Thursday, November 17, 2011

TRETC conference part 2

The first session I attended was about how to create an online school for a district. This session really inspired me. These are the notes and tips I received from the session:

Online learning panel  session
  • There is no such thing as  a one size fits all online learning needs of kids, teachers, and administrators
  • online learning is an agent of change
  • Create individual plans and schedules for students which accommodates their own learning path
  • can give acceleration to students, along with remediation if needed
  • online learning is a quality option
  • under promise and over deliver
  • education is changing there is now choice
  • paradigm shift - education in a new light
  • asynchronous or synchronous learning or blended learning
  • Need passion, drive, dedication
  • be flexible

  • How to get an online school started?
    • look at this as a new school
    • review policies
    • focus on students and learning
    • purpose of the school
    • bring students and teachers into communication
    • information for parents regarding policies, procedures, rules
    • communication is key
    • parent and student buy in
    • support for teachers who are going into a virtual world (training, workshops, updates).
    • engagement - find engaging activities online, not just reading and writing
    • visionary planning
    • goal setting
    • research and outreach
    • reflect
    • align curriculum with goals
    • don’t rush it!
    • all about customer service perspective
    • monetary investment
    • learn from mistakes

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