Thursday, November 10, 2011

ATIA 2011 from a distance

I am unable to attend too many conferences this year, so instead of attending the conferences in person I attend them via Twitter and any online sessions. I was  unable to attend ATIA this year, but here are some resources that I obtains through the Twitter hashtag #ATIA11. If you have any more notes or session notes you would like to share please add a comment at the bottom of the page.
  • App Smackdown - Apps for AT and Augcomm
  • Read the words - Text to speech online
  • Tap it - an accessible smart board for individuals with limited mobility. I have seen this in action and it is truly amazing!
  • Tactile graphics - production and design of tactile graphics
  • Dot pub - convert a webpage to an ebook
  • ATIA notes - Google doc folder of notes from ATIA
  • ATIA notes 2 - Google doc folder of notes from ATIA
  • SET BC - special education technology in British Columbia resoruces
  • Atomic Learning - Education training for K12, higher ed, global education, and assistive tech!

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