Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 days of Christmas - Here comes Santa Claus...

 Here are some fun Santa related games and activities to play.
  • Run Santa! - Santa has gained too much weight this year, help him run it off and avoid those extra goodies with this fun keyboard game. 


  • Whose Present Listening activity, match the child with their present by listening to what Santa has to say. 
  • kids songs - Listen to a song about Santa and the busy elf. There is a game you can play while the song is loading, or you can do it before you listen to the song. Here are 5 words you will hear in the song. Can you draw lines between the words and the pictures? 
  • Happy Christmas - Help Santa deliver the packages on time! 
  • Santa's story - It's Christmas Eve and Santa's getting ready to deliver presents to boys and girls all round the world. How can he deliver all the presents in time?
  • Merry Message from Better Homes and Gardens. Have Santa Claus deliver an audio message either by recording your own voice or by using the text-to-speech feature. 
  • Santa swing - dancing Santa! Make yourself Santa or santa's helper then bust a move!


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