Friday, December 9, 2011

17 days of Christmas - let it snow!

A few days ago we got a bit of snow, and so I wanted to share some super snowy resources with you. Cuddle up with a cup of hot chocolate and play some of these fun games on your computer!  

Stickers for all seasons Choose the winter season and have fun placing stickers on the winter scene

Snowflake workshop - Create a cute snowflake in the snowflake workshop!

Make a flake - Make your own snowflake with the scissors and paper.

Build your own snowman Dress up the snowman

Winter resources - many great winter resources

Winter madlibs - printable witner mad libs 

100 snowballs - 100 snowballs count the snowballs to 100

Make a snowman - Create a fun snowman by adding in buttons, scarves, hats, mittens, and a face!

Alfy’s Snow Day.Here’s a “talking book” about Alfy during the winter months. 

Snowman Drag the pieces to build a snowman in this fun kindergarten and preschool game. 

Text snowflake creator - Just like wordle, puts your text, words, and phrases into a snowflake design!

For more Christmas fun please visit here


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