Friday, March 14, 2014

Sam's cool tool review...Everyslide

I found this cool tool thanks to my Diigo connections it is This website allows you to present your powerpoint presentations or PDFs with embedded assessments! These assessments can be accessed through a mobile device, laptop, or phone just by going to the code you provide your students. One of the best features is that it is FREE for educators!

First thing is first, sign up for a free educator account. By going to and selecting pricing for educator. Then select "Get Started" under educator account. Complete the requested information.

Once you login you can attend or create a presentation by simply dragging and dropping the PPT or PDF into the window. Once your document or PPT is loaded you can add in embedded assessment

  • Multiple choice 
  • True/False
  • Word cloud - shows answers in a word cloud like Wordle 

While students are answering questions you can track how many have answered the questions. You will also receive a spreadsheet of the data provided by users!

How do you plan to use this tool in your classroom?

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