Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cool Tool Review....Class Dojo

Good morning all,

I wanted to share a cool tool I found out about during #satchat this morning called class Dojo. Class Dojo is an interactive tool that you can use on your computer (or the app for ios and droid) to track student behaviors and attendance during class. It is a great classroom management tool.

Class Dojo Setup

Class Dojo How-To

  • Login to class dojo
  • Create your class and give it a name
  • Enter or copy from a list the names of your students 
  • Once you add students to the account Class Dojo will provide you with a PDF that has a unique code for each student (and parent!)
  • Students then sign on  and create an account with their individual code,  they can track how they are doing in class.
  • Once inside class Dojo you can:
    • Award students with positive behavior rewards
    • Identify where students need to improve
    • Take attendance
    • Call on a random student
    • Show a timer countdown or count-up
  • You can even customize the behaviors (both positive and negative) that are present in your classroom.
  • Track how many awards a student receives
  • As students exhibit positive behaviors you can award them points and a green circle indicating the number of points they obtained in by their avatar and name.
    • As students exhibit negative behaviors, the number of points decrease. 
    • You can see the number of behaviors (positive or negative) as a combined or separate view. 
  • When class is over  you can see the overall score of positive and negative behaviors exhibited during class. 
    • Also view each student independently with the behaviors that occurred during class
 The video below shows a tutorial regarding how to create your Class Dojo step by step. 

Readers - how can you use Class Dojo with your students? 

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