Friday, March 21, 2014

Geddit....student check in tool

Geddit is a cool tool I learned about just this morning from my twitter friend . I thought I would dig deeper into this cool tool. Below is a video demonstrating how Geddit works.

What is Geddit? 
It is a way that you can "check in" with students as they progress with a lesson. Students simply sign into your class and they can identify how confident they feel regarding a specific topic. As a teacher you will get immediate feedback and can address student learning right there and then.

How to get Geddit
All you need to do is go to and click get started. Then you need to choose if you are teacher or student. If you click on teacher you need to fill out the requested information (be sure to use your educator email address). If you select student sign up with google, create an account, or sign in with already created account. Once a student signs up or signs into geddit put in the class code by your teacher. Then click join.

*As a teacher you can upload a class list and create your student accounts!

How does it work?
As a teacher you create assessments (multiple choice, poll, or short answer). Once you create an assessment you click start teaching. You then give the code to students and they can participate in the assessment.

How to use it your classroom
Below are some ways to use Geddit in your classroom

  • Review for homework
  • Exit ticket
  • Review during a lesson to track students' understanding of a topic
  • Use it as a review for a test 
  • Take a pop quiz 
  • Track attendance
  • Track participation
  • Use it as an assessment for your flipped classroom 

How do you plan to use Geddit in your classroom?

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