Friday, September 2, 2011

As the new school year begins...

As the new school year begins, I am sure you are all thinking how do we get some cash for all the materials that we need?

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I would like to point you towards...Goodsearch. Getting money for your school is as simple as searching the net! I have used Goodsearch in my former position as a technology integration teacher, and we raised approximately $70 just by searching!

How did we do it?
  • Sent home flyers with the students
  • Posted flyers in the teacher's lounge
  • Emailed colleagues, administration, and all staff about the benefits of Goodsearch
  • Put Goodsearch as the homepage on the laptop computers
  • Downloaded the Goodsearch toolbar
  • Put the badge on my blog
  • For more info about how to spread the word about Goodsearch go here

Learn more
  • A direct quote from the Goodsearch site, "Here's an easy way to raise money for your favorite cause. Just start using Yahoo! powered as your search engine and they'll donate about a penny to your favorite cause every time you do a search! In addition, do all of your shopping through their online shopping mall,, where you can shop at more than 2,400 top online retailers and a percentage of your purchases will go to the charity or school of your choice. You pay the same price as you normally would, but a donation goes to your cause!"
  • For more information here is a link to the FAQ's
  • Still have questions? Here is a link to a 15 minute webinar. The 15 minute webinar will show the new features of GoodSearch. Download the webinar here.

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