Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jigsaw Planet

Click to Mix and SolveWhat's better than cuddling up with a blanket, hot chocolate, and a good puzzle? This post will discuss how to make this cozy and fun experience an interactive and virtual one!

  •  Jigzone - The puzzle on the side of this blog was created using Jigzone.  Jigzone offers a puzzle of the day, ability to embed your own photos into a puzzle and then put onto your blog or website, upload your own photos as puzzles, send a puzzle postcard, and a competition option. 
  • Dotty's virtual jigsaw - offers many different online puzzles to play on the computer or offline with the use of a CD. This site has many jigsaw review, daily and weekly jigsaw puzzles, online jigsaw puzzles, and puzzle downloads. 
  • Apples for the teacher -  This link will take you to the winter jigsaw puzzles - snowman, snowballs, and a surprised snowman. 
  • Art puzzles - Here are some great art related puzzles. 
  • Jigsaw planet - Has many different online interactive jigsaw puzzles to complete. You can also create your own puzzle! 
  • Atlas puzzles - Offers many fun National Geographic Atlas puzzles to complete. Simply choose a puzzle and complete it! Good luck! 
  • Weather channel puzzles - Here are fun jigsaw all related to weather and weather preparedness. 
  • Little Cesar fun times - Little Cesar offers four puzzles to play.  

Sit back, relax and enjoy a day building puzzles! 

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