Friday, July 20, 2012

10 Art Sites to use on a rainy day

'Crayola Crayons' photo (c) 2011, Lehigh Valley, PA - license:

Make Your Own Superhero Choose your base from three different ones, then create your superhero! 

Clayyourself - Make yourself into a clay figure!

Muro digital art sites a user can change colors, adjust gradient, add effects

Portrait Creator- Create a masterpiece with this game, drag and drop different parts of the face onto the canvas

.Odosketch - Create sketches with colored pencils.

Voice Draw - Create art with voice/sound. Very cool for our nonverbal kids! Scream and shout and create a masterpiece. 

Nick Jr coloring book - Online coloring book featuring Nick Jr friends.

sketchbook Drawing space Found on Donna Murray's blog

Crayola Digicolor - Choose the art medium (marker, crayon, etc) choose the color, print, and share.

Doodle pad Draw a picture. Create a card. Doodle a work of art. The Doodle Pad can reach as far as your imagination takes you.

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  1. These are terrific. Thanks for posting them. I've added one or two to my own collection, here: